The library will reopen Tues-Sat beginning on Jan 25. Until then we will continue to offer curbside service at the back door.
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SPL MakerSpace

invent, tinker, create, innovate, make and do.

Welcome to the SPL MakerSpace!

At present, due to Covid-19 restrictions, MakerSpace appointments are unavailable. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

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Questions about the MakerSpace?
Contact us at or by calling 519.271.0220 x 163

What is a makerspace?

The idea behind makerspaces is simple: they are places where people can come together to learn about technology, crafts and other kinds of making, to share knowledge and skills with others, and to apply this knowledge and skill by creating things.  Want to build a robot with the circuits? Make a prototype of a new invention using the 3D printer? Create business cards for your new business? Your imagination is the only limit.

Makerspaces are collections of resources: they are spaces filled with technologies, tools, and toys, including sewing machines, 3D printers, circuits, and vinyl cutting machines - all available for you to come and use.

The public can access the SPL MakerSpace in a number of ways: through our planned programming; workshops; and open lab times.

Many thanks to the Stratford Public Library Foundation and to the many donors who made this project a reality.

Services for Small Businesses + Startups

Are you a small business owner in need of support? Are you starting a business and looking for advice?

The Stratford Public Library and Perth Community Futures have teamed together to provide small businesses and startups with support. We can connect you with the tools, services, and resources needed to grow and promote your small business. 

  • Make branded promotional materials with the vinyl cutter including:
    mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, and hours of operation and business signs
  • Get advice from Perth Community Futures staff on starting and funding a new business
  • Access affordable business services such as photocopying, printing, and laminating
  • Learn how to use design programs to develop professional marketing materials
  • Enroll in free online classes in accounting, business, and marketing with LinkedIn Learning and Gale Courses

Book an appointment in the MakerSpace to get started.

Use of the MakerSpace equipment is free, however, there are fees for consumable products.

3D Filament | $0.10 per gram

Button Making:
Pin-Back Buttons (1.5in) | $0.25 each
Magnet-Back Buttons (1.5in) | $0.40 each

Vinyl Cutting:
12"x12" permanent vinyl | $2.00 each
12"x10" heat transfer vinyl | $4.00 each
12"x12" cardstock | $0.50 each

8.5"x11" sheet | $1.00 each
8.5"x14" sheet | $1.50 each
11"x14" sheet | $1.50 each

DVD Disc | $1.00 each

All fees will be added to a Maker's library card and should be paid for at the main floor information desk [cash or debit]. 

Enjoy these great programs in the SPL MakerSpace:

  • Coding Clubs
  • Robotics Club
  • Stitch This
  • 3D Design Workshops
  • Family STEAM programs (select Saturdays)
  • Make the Holidays
  • MakerSpace Orientations for Schools

Here is a taste for the endless possibilities of ways that you can explore and create in the MakerSpace:

  • Bring your ideas to life with the Cubicon Single + 3D Printer
  • Print your designs on the Silhouette Cameo 3 Vinyl Cutter
  • Code robots including Edisons, Ozobots, LEGO Mindstorms, and Meccanoid G15
  • Preserve family memories with the VHS to DVD converter and the film and negative scanner
  • Create and design with Adobe Creative Suite programs. Learn how to navigate these tools with online, instructor-led courses with Gale and online video tutorials with LinkedIn Learning.
  • Capture memories with the green screen and lighting kit*
  • Explore virtual reality with PlayStation4 VR*

* Available during dedicated programming

SPL MakerSpace Guidelines for Use

  • Makers must be valid PCIN cardholders to use the MakerSpace
  • All users and visitors must agree to and sign the SPL MakerSpace Acknowledgment before using the space. Exception is given to individuals or groups on staff-led tours of the space.
  • Makers must be at least 9 years old to be in the space. Exceptions may occur in cases of library staff-led programming specifically developed for younger makers.
  • Makers under age 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.  Parent/guardian supervision is welcome for all minors over age 12.
  • Tools and equipment are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Tools used in the space must be returned by the maker to their original location in a clean state.
  • The workspace also needs to be cleaned before the maker leaves.
  • SPL does not accept responsibility if a project is destroyed, does not print correctly, or does not work.
  • SPL reserves the right to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate SPL policy, including the creation of weapons, pornography, or illegal items.
  • Only library computers may be connected to library machines, like the 3D printers, vinyl cutter, etc. 
  • Covered drinks are welcome in the MakerSpace. Food is not permitted.
  • SPL is not responsible for equipment or files left behind.
  • SPL’s Rules of Conduct and Internet Access Policy apply to the MakerSpace.

Costs for Use

  • Use of the SPL MakerSpace equipment and tools is free.
  • Users are welcome to bring in staff-approved consumable materials for use with the equipment and tools, except the 3D printer. SPL supplies 3D printer filament for a fee to users.
  • Consumable materials may be available for purchase such as sheets of vinyl, filament, button supplies, etc. Fees for consumable materials are charged to cover SPL’s cost. Please consult with staff about the availability of consumable material before planning a project. (see fee schedule)
  • During library programs, SPL may provide consumable materials free of charge, as available.
  • The maker agrees that SPL is not responsible for any manufacturing defects or the quality or workmanship of any of the tools, materials or equipment supplied by SPL, or for the quality or condition of a user’s project.
  • The maker agrees to take precautions to avoid causing unnecessary mess or damage in the MakerSpace.
  • The maker (or, if a minor, his parent or guardian) is responsible to pay any SPL charges or fees for use of materials and supplies provided by SPL, and for all loss or damage to SPL property.
  • SPL is not responsible for any damage to, or loss or theft of, the maker’s property.
  • SPL may require payment of charges/fees at the time of use or later, and will charge the maker’s library account (or, if a minor, the parent/guardian’s library account) or seek payment by other means, in its discretion.  Payment must be made at Stratford Public Library.

Fee Schedule (subject to change)

3D Filament: $0.10 per gram
Vinyl Sheets: $1.00 per 6” x 6” sheet, $2.00 per 12” x 12” sheet ; includes transfer tape
Button Maker Units: $0.25 per button
Thumb Drive: $8.00

Safety Guidelines

  • Safety gear is required for use of some tools and equipment. All safety gear must be worn as appropriate. SPL provides access to safety gear while in the space.
  • Unsafe behavior is not permitted. Users are encouraged to report any unsafe behavior observed in the space to the staff member or volunteer on-duty.
  • If a maker sees that any tool or piece of equipment is unsafe or in a state of disrepair, the maker must immediately discontinue use of the tool and notify SPL staff.
  • The maker must report any accident or incident that occurs in the MakerSpace to a staff member.

3D Printer Acceptable Use Agreement

Stratford Public Library offers 3D printing services in the MakerSpace. Makers that are using the 3D printer must adhere to the 3D Printer Acceptable Use Agreement and agree to the SPL MakerSpace Guidelines for Use.  The Rules of Conduct and Internet Access policy also apply to the SPL MakerSpace.
Before you begin printing, please review the Acceptable Use Agreement.

  • The 3D Printer is available for the public to use during Open Lab hours in the MakerSpace and during specific programs
  • Users of the Library MakerSpace and 3D printer must have a valid library card from a library in Perth County.
  • Stratford Public Library is not responsible for the functionality and quality of content produced using the 3D printer.
  • Patrons are not to change the settings on the 3D printer at any time. These settings have been configured based on appropriate settings for the printer. If you require assistance, ask a staff member or volunteer.
  • Staff reserve the right to cancel a print job at any time or to refuse to print items if it violate Stratford Public Library policies, are harmful, or are unlawful.
  • Print jobs are limited to 2.5 hours
  • Items printed from the SPL MakerSpace 3D printers that are not picked up within 14 days become property of the library.
  • Printing costs are $0.10 per gram of filament. The cost of the print will be charged to the Maker's library account and must be paid for at Stratford Public Library. 

Health and Safety Considerations:

  • Do not open the Plexiglas door while printing is in progress.
  • Do not put your hand inside of the printer while it is operating. The internal temperature of the
  • 3D printer gets very hot during printing.
  • Do not remove your object from the printer until the build plate has cooled to 45 Celsius or below. This will ensure that you do not burn your fingers and will prevent the object from warping.


Community Makers / Instructors 

Community Makers are local specialists who are recruited to assist in running library programs or are responsible for running library programs.  Community Makers will have a proven skillset with experience and a general interest in helping others learn to make. Community Makers should be 16+ in order to instruct a program.
Are you a maker expert? Would you like to contribute your time or expertise?  Please email

Ongoing Volunteers

Ongoing volunteers in the MakerSpace will assist in Maker programs and Open Labs. Community Makers should be 14+ in order to volunteer in the MakerSpace. If you interested in helping with programs or Open Labs, email


We have many donations from service groups, businesses and various individuals who believe in our MakerSpace.  To learn more about how you can help make our MakerSpace grow, visit the Foundation's webpage