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Visiting Library Service

Can't make it to the Library? We will bring our resources to you.

What is Visiting Library Service?

Visiting Library Service is a no-charge service that delivers library materials to persons who are unable to visit the library due to issues with mobility, disability, or illness. This service is limited to residents of Stratford. 

This service is made possible, in large part, courtesy of volunteers of the Stratford Public Library.

How it works

Library staff meets with you to discuss your preferences for the types of library materials you most enjoy. We select materials based on your preferences., and you can request specific titles. Selected materials are checked out on your card and packed in an SPL bookbag. Volunteers then deliver them to your door and pick them up later.

Most items are loaned for 3 weeks. While there are no late fees, charges do apply for lost or damaged items

Materials Available

  • books, available in:
    - large print
    - regular print
    - audio compact disc (CD): regular CD, MP3-formatted CD, CNIB / CELA formatted CD
  • movies (DVD)
  • music (CD)
  • magazines

To Register

To obtain our Visiting Library Service, you need to register and be approved; a letter of support may be required to support your application. 

Get started by contacting us: