people building lego robots

Robotics & Coding


You will find a variety of small robotics to program in the MakerSpace. Robotics are a simple and fun way to learn about electronics, computer programming, design and problem-solving. 

Some of the Many Robotics & Coding Devices


  • try the world's smallest robot. It combines creativity and coding skills that appeal to all coding newcomers. Start with colour coding and then progress to block-based programming using this tiny bot.
  • available to use in the MakerSpace or available to borrow in a MakerKit

Lego Mindstorm

  • Take Lego to the next level with Lego Mindstorm. Build robots that walk, talk, think and do almost anything you can imagine!


  • Sphero is a spherical robot that can be paired with a tablet or smartphone.
  • change Sphero's color, play different missions, and control Sphero's movements from a multitude of different apps for a customizable experience.


  • a micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together.
  • program the LED light display, buttons, sensors and many input/output features
  • combine it with the K8, to program the micro:bit to drive!


  • open-source hardware and software program used for making electronics that interact with the physical world
  • try out beginner projects, like making multiple LEDs blink at one time, to more complex ideas, such as creating a central heating system for your home
  • available to use in the MakerSpace or borrow an Arduino MakerKit

Makey Makey

  • connect the world around you to your computer.
  • turn everyday items into game controllers, musical instruments, and other inventions
  • available to use in the MakerSpace or available to borrow in a MakerKit