Object being 3D printed

Submit a 3D Print

Give Your Creativity Dimension - Print in 3D

Get creative using our 3D printer. Choose designs from numerous websites, or create your own designs using open source CAD software. Submit your designs to us online and see your objects take shape.


This service is for customers familiar with 3D printing or who has had an introduction to 3D printing in the MakerSpace. 


  • You must have a Stratford Public Library card to submit a file for printing
  • Use the Kiri:Moto slicer to slice your files and get printing time and weight estimates.  
  • Use the online submission form to submit your STL, OBJ, or 3MF file
  • We recommended you measure your design in millimeters
  • Staff will review the file with you, provide a total cost
  • Cost is 10¢ per gram of plastic
  • Once your object is completed, we will contact you to pick it up
  • Objects will be held for 7 days for pick up

Advanced Users

If you are submitting prints with multiple parts, please do so through the free, downloadable Bambu Studio.

To do this, import your 3D files into Bambu Studio and "save project as" (your name and what it is). This will create a .3mf file which can be uploaded through the 3D print submission form.

If you require assistance please visit a MakerSpace Open Lab

Print Information

If so, provide the Thing Number from the web address
Filament costs $0.10 per gram. If the total is greater than your budget, we will contact you. If the total is less than your budget, we will begin printing your object.
One file only.
50 MB limit.
Allowed types: stl, obj, 3mf.