Library Closure

Announcement: Stratford Public Library will remain closed until futher notice to support effors to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Visit our news page for more information.

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system.  To contact the library, please email
Stratford Public Library

Service Disruption

Requests for Library Materials Outside of PCIN

The provincial InterLibrary Loan courier service, which makes possible the borrowing and lending of Library materials between SPL and libraries outside of Perth County has ended.  

This service has been provided through the provincial agency, the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS).  However, due to a 50% funding cut in recent Ontario budget for SOLS, the Service informed libraries late Thursday it can no longer provide the InterLibrary Loan courier service.  This is effective immediately.  The ILLO service has been suspended as SOLS is assessing how they might continue to operate interlibrary loan without the courier service. 

What you need to know as an SPL customer:

Borrowing between PCIN (Perth County) libraries

  1. With your Stratford Public Library card, you will still be able to request items from whichever of our 5 library locations (North Perth, Perth East, West Perth and St Marys Public Libraries). Delivery is still occurring but will be delayed. 
  2. PCIN is investigating a courier system to deliver materials in Perth County to replace the one provided by SOLS.

Inter-Library Loan

  1. Library customers across the province may no longer request materials from another library system: for instance, you cannot get an interlibrary loan from Toronto Public Library or Waterloo Public Library using your Stratford Public Library card.
  2. According to SOLS (Southern Ontario Library Service), the inter-library loan system has been suspended until the end of May while they determine the future of the service.

Reciprocal Borrowing

  1. Due to an agreement with various local library systems, Stratford Public Library cardholders can obtain a library card and borrow from any of the following libraries: Huron County, Region of Waterloo, Oxford County, Middlesex County and Wellington County.
  2. Items must be picked up and dropped off at the owning library location.

For further information:

  • Or, contact: 
    Wendy Hicks
    Director of Public Service
    (519) 271 -0220 x111