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Gain experience and volunteer hours. Volunteering looks great on a resume!

VOLUNTEERING……What’s in it for you?

You’re expected to volunteer……so why not make the most of it?

Did you know that volunteering…

  • can be fun
  • is a great way to connect with other people
  • can be an easy way to start exploring some career paths that might interest you and learn some job-related skills
  • looks great on a resumé
  • helps you to be more aware of what’s going on in your community, and of the people in it

So, what do you think you want to get out of volunteering?  Spend some time thinking about it…for example:

  • do you want to work with other youth/teens? seniors? children? persons with special needs?
  • could you volunteer at a place where you could “try on” a possible career
  • do you want to work outside (sports, gardening, summer camps, etc.) or inside (library, community organization, art gallery, office, etc.)

If you think you’d like to do some of your volunteering at the library, check out our Volunteer Services page to:

  • learn what volunteers do here
  • download the application & checklist

But, wherever you are going to apply to volunteer, don’t leave it to the last minute… volunteer openings aren’t always available on demand.

Current Opportunities

  • Crafting for a Cause - Put your crafting skills to good use! Each month you'll get a kit that features a craft project for a local charity group. Craft with the kit ingredients and instructions in your own time at home, being sure to turn in your completed items before the next kit is released.
    • September 22 - Fleece-Tie Blankets for the Humane Society
    • October 20 - Acrylic Pour Canvases for Habitat for Humanity's ReStore
    • November 24 - Finger Knitted Scarves for Stratford House of Blessing
  • Fright Night Ghost Story - Do you like scary stories? Do you want to make people fear what goes bump in the night? Join us as a Fright Night Ghost Storyteller to gain volunteer hours while embracing the Halloween spirit! You will get to select (or write!) your own scary stories and learn to tell them in the creepiest ways. Then, you'll get to perform for a live outdoor crowd on October 21st at 7pm! 
  • Stratford Can See Your Voice - Do you have what it takes to trick people into thinking you are a good or bad singer? Use your performance talents for a local version of the show "I Can See Your Voice" while earning community service hours. You'll be embracing a character just like on the show before showing off your singing talent -- or lack of it! Good AND bad singers needed! 

Any immediate openings will be posted here. In the meantime, applications are accepted anytime for any volunteer role. It’s good to have yours already in the mix when openings come up.

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