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Science Literacy Week

Daily on Monday at 4:30pm until Fri, Sep 23 2022
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Do you like to learn new things? Are you ready to celebrate Science Literacy Week?

Join the great team at Engineering Science Quest to experiment, create and learn together. These programs are virtual and some have kits to pick up in advance. Register with SPL, then log onto Youtube Live to join in the fun.

Terrifically Tesselating
September 19th | Grades 1 –2 | Kit
Did you know that you can make beautiful works of art with math? It’s true! Using only a couple of materials, we’ll explore the fascinating world of tessellation patterns and the math behind them.

Fantastic Flexagons
September 20th | Grades 3-4 | Kit
What in the world is a 3-sided 2D hexagon?! This is what we'll be creating in this STEAM-based activity that combines art with geometry. You’ll be able to impress all your family and friends with these magical hexagons that you can make again and again!

Binary Bulbs
September 21st | Grades 5-6 | Kit
In this activity, we’re going to be exploring how circuits work using binary- the language that computers use! We’ll be using only a few simple electronics to send binary messages at the speed of light!

Mathematically Musical
September 22nd | Grades 7-8 | Coding - No Kit
Do you have an ear for music? If so, this is the perfect activity for you! Using a computer, we’ll be learning all about making our own music. This activity will incorporate patterns and number sequences to see how math and music intertwine!

Crackin’ Cryptography
September 23rd | Grades 9-10 | Coding - No Kit
We’ll be acting as detectives in this coding activity! Using math and the Python programming language, we’ll learn how to crack secret messages with only a few clicks on a computer!

To register, email Robyn at

Please pick up kits at the desk in the children's department before September 19, 2022. There are no kits for grades 7-8 or 9-10.