a ruby throated hummingbird

Garden Culture Day

Stratford Public Library

Gardening is for the Birds! Attracting Feathered Friends to Your Garden

September 24, 1 - 2 | All Ages
In-Person - Library Auditorium (3rd floor)

Our feathered friends provide excellent pest and weed control, and can reduce stress when we watch and interact with them. Learn how to create and support their habitats in your own garden year-round with this workshop from Master Gardener Don Farwell, also a member of the Stratford Field Naturalists.

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Thank you for your interest in Garden Culture Day. Unfortunately, we've had to postpone the following events until April 2023:

Rain Gardens (Cancelled)

Icky stormwater runoff? Put it to good use with a rain garden! Join Vanni Azzano from the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority to find out how to direct the run-off from your roof, gutters to beautify your property, grow native Ontario plants to attract bees and butterflies, help prevent neighbourhood flooding and restore and recharge our groundwater system. 

The Ground Gets Lower Every Year: Tips and Tools for the Ageing Gardener (Postponed until April 22)

It has been said, “old gardeners never die; they just spade away and then throw in the trowel.” If you are a gardener of a certain age but not quite ready to ‘throw in the trowel’ join us during Garden Culture Days for a presentation from long-time gardener and garden show judge Cat McGill on how to keep gardening throughout the golden years!

The Magic of Vermicomposting (Postponed until April 22)

Vermicomposting, or worm composting, is an excellent way to convert household waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, reduce the amount of garbage in our landfills and even reduce greenhouse gasses. Join presenter Cathy Nesbitt for a 'get-your-hands-dirty' workshop on creating and using the ultimate recycling power - worms!