The Library will be closed for Family Day weekend on Sunday, February 18 and, Monday, February 19. 

Computers Wifi & Printing

Libraries are the gateway to the universe! A bastion of knowledge and inspiration.
- Jackie Anton

Public internet computers at the Stratford Library

The Library can help you stay connected

Quick Facts

  • 2 Hours per day
  • Two quick-use, 15 minute, terminals
  • Black and white printing is available for $0.10 per page
  • Residents of Stratford, West Perth, Perth East, Perth South, North Perth, and St Marys must use their library card to use the public computers.
  • Visitors to Stratford may use the public computers free of charge. "Out-of-town" ID may be required as proof of out of county residence.
  • All personal information and working documents are cleared after the session ends. Customers are responsible for saving their own materials to a private device, such as a USB memory stick.
  • To use the public computers, you must agree to our Internet Access & Accpetable Use Agreement.

Public Computers

The Stratford Public Library is equipped with computers for both adult and youth use.

  • Computer use for adults and teens requires a valid library card and allows access for 2 hours per day. There are also 2 quick-use, 15 minute, terminals located on the main floor. Software provided includes a web browser, word processing and a PDF reader.
  • Chromebooks can be borrowed to SPL customers for a 4 hour period.
  • An accessible public computer station with assistive technologies is availalbe on the main floor. The computer station has ZoomText, a computer screen magnifier and reader, installed to assist when using a web browser or word processing software. There is also a Large Print keyboard and headphones available.  Request use at the information desk.
  • In the Teen Lounge, 2 iPads are available for youth to use
  • Children 12 and younger have access 6 iPads full of fun and educational games

Wireless Access

The internet can be accessed through our public computers or via the wireless network for personal devices. To access from your laptop or other mobile device:

  1. Browse to available wireless networks and select Stratford_Public_Library
  2. Launch your preferred web browser. You will be prompted to agree to our Internet Access & Acceptable Use Agreement.
  3. Press Accept and you are ready to start browsing.

Instructions for connecting to our wireless network using a newer generation iPod

Charging Stations

  • Located on the main floor in the lounge
  • Eight styles of cables: 4 Apple, 3 Micro USB, 1 Mini USB
  • Free and easy to use

Printing / Photocoping / Scanning

The library provides various print and copy services for public use.  All photocopying and printing must comply with Copyright Law.  Please ask staff for assistance.


Self-serve Black and white and colour photocopying is available on both floors of the Stratford Public Library. Copies can be printed single or double sided on letter, legal, and ledger sized paper. Double sided prints are charged per side. Can print copies from original or from a USB stick.

Costs for photocopying:

  • Black-and-white printing is 10 cents per page
  • Colour copies are 75 cents per page


Printing is available from all library computers. Please pay for copies at the circulation desk.

Wireless printing is also available

Costs for Printing:

  • Black-and-white printing is 10 cents per page


Scanning is quick and easy - bring your own USB or purchase one at the circulation desk for $8.00. Even easier - send your scans directly to your email address or to the person requesting the document. Scanned documents can be converted to popular document file types.  This service is free of charge.